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Vision: to be the PCB industry elite enterprises, into the electronic information technology industry's most professional partner

Mission: to realize the value of customers, company, employees, suppliers and returns, and create a win-win situation

Core values: honesty, respect to share Thanksgiving dedication and innovation team

Business philosophy: respect honesty, creating a win-win situation.

Marketing concept: the changes in the market, integrity of the same, no off-season market, only off-season ideas.

Quality philosophy: a complete the product.

Communication culture: the speech to be specific, clear, to quantify, pay attention to communication to replication;? Communication Sambo: nod and smile, praise.

Executive culture: understanding and implementation, not understanding, first implemented after advice.

Team culture: no perfect person, the only perfect team, the team is I, I is the team.

A culture of innovation: innovation is the foundation of survival, the core of sustainable development.

To culture: if you have wisdom, please write down your wisdom; if you do not have the wisdom, you sweat; if you have no wisdom, is not willing to sweat, ask you to leave.

Our performance appraisal: heavy burden everyone pick, everyone has the index head;

People can't do you want something, people will only make you check things, no check is not performed!

The appointment is trust, monitoring is to love.

Responsibility: men of low quality, not your responsibility, you can't improve his quality, is your responsibility.

We change the culture: a person to change is a question of will, the mountain does not come over, we past, attitude is everything when a person has the world first-class attitude, he will find a world!

Style culture: initiative, rapid response, immediate action.

Human culture: who, Yongzhe, light let

Youde Youcai employment

Youde not only cultivate

No German talent to limit the use of

Germany is firmly without

Culture of learning: our unique competitive advantage, is better than our competitors to learn more, learn faster.

The four meaning of learning: learning to live, to adapt to the environment;

Learn to communicate, to adapt to the interpersonal relationship;

Learn how to learn, adapt to the information;

Learn skills, adapt to the career.

16, the misunderstanding on: the contradiction of 98% from the misunderstanding, 98% misunderstanding by communication; misunderstanding and misunderstood marks the frequency of the qualities of a person.

17, and their rivalry: want to change the world, we must first change yourself,

Self criticism is the only way to success.

18, our training culture: the reasonable requirement is training, unreasonable demands is to temper, whether reasonable exercise!

19, our talent concept: we are only two people: one is expert, an entrepreneur!

An excellent talents, we should uphold the principles, and be good at compromise.

20, our management four catch: grasping the repeated repeated scratching focus on improving

21, four important:

Process is not important,

No objective important target,

The cost of no value,

Efficiency without benefit.

21, our meeting culture: brainstorming, brainstorming, will have to discuss, debate and will, will and line, line and there is fruit!