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Quality assurance

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The top import raw materials, guarantee the quality of the products from the source

Material: EMC, ITEQ, SYL, Isola, Rogers, Arlon, Nelco, Taconic, Hitachi, etc.

Medicine: Rohm&Haas (US) Atotech (Germany) Umicore (Germany)

Ink: Taiyo (Japan) dry film: Asahi (Japan), Dupont (US)

Have a full set of surface treatment equipment, to meet the needs of the industry

Company a complete set of equipment for surface treatment industry, can deal with gold,

Immersion silver, tin, OSP, tin, gold, plating thickness, tin, silver and other related requirements

Process capability leading

The maximum number of 32L maximum thickness of 7.0mm

12:1 the largest copper thick 6OZ maximum thickness to diameter ratio

Maximum working plate size 2000x610mm the thin 4 layer 0.38mm

Minimum mechanical hole drilling precision of +/-0.05mm / 0.20/0.40mm pads

PTH hole tolerance +/-0.05mm minimum line / space 0.075/0.075mm